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CRANK på Bomber Bar

27 april kl 19:00


In the year twenty-twenty-two, a new gang hit the scene,
and it ain’t for you.
Crank is the name, and they’re here to reign,
with a sound so loud, it’ll drive you insane.
Tyrant’s on vocals, with a voice like a knife,
Motokobra on bass, shaking the night.
Guitarist is a Savage, don’t you dare cross his path,
and Johnny Rocker on drums, with thunderous wrath.
They play the hardest rock n roll, and it’ll take control of your soul.
Their filthy biker image, it ain’t just for show, they’ll take on the weak,
and make them bow down low. Crank will rule the world,
with fear in their eyes, and the sound of their music will reach the skies.
So if you know what’s good for you, stay out of Crank’s way, or you’ll be through!


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Datum: 27 april kl 19:00
Plats: Bomber Bar
Adress: Prästgatan 3
Telefon: 46-76-1993991
Arrangör: Bomber Bar
Telefonnummer arrangör: 46-76-1993991

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